Significant New Release of WayMaps

Written 09/10/17

We've just put online probably our most significant new release of WayMaps since we first launched the product.

There are many changes, including:

  1. Paths marked as cycleways or bridleways are now shown dashed rather than dot-dashed.

  2. The rendering of bridges over water has been improved to cope better with cycle paths alongside road bridges and features below bridges.

  3. The rendering of harbours and marinas has been changed as shown below with Whitehaven where the breakwater is no longer grey and the marina pontoons now have a grey casing.

    Harbours - old rendering Harbours - new rendering

  4. Urban roads with no or limited vehicle access are now shown in grey.

  5. In Great Britain on zoom level 9 the outlines of individual buildings is shown rather than the more general blocks used before (these are retained for zoom 7 and 8). Here for example is the centre of Keswick:

    Zoom 9 houses - old Zoom 9 houses - new

  6. In Great Britain public parks and playing fields are now shown in light green, including their boundaries in black. Again you can just see that in the pair of images above where Fitz Park and Hope Park are now both shown in light green.

  7. In Ireland the rendering of urban areas has been brought into line with Great Britain - so the colours, font sizes, and other details are the same.

  8. In Ireland the rendering of rivers has been improved to show them in the same style as Great Britain with light blue water with dark blue banks. We have also tweaked the rendering of streams and improved the rendering of river estuaries. Here's an example which also illustrates improvements we've done to the rendering of unclassified roads:

    Rivers and streams - old rendering Rivers and streams - new rendering

  9. In Ireland we have improved the rendering of airports.

  10. In Ireland the rendering of woods is now consistent with Great Britain with the same tree icons and border.

Overall we think these changes have significantly enhanced WayMaps, especially in Ireland but also with the changes in Great Britain such as buildings at zoom 9 and public parks.

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