Web Site Design

We develop web sites for organisations who want something more than a static web site, more than a brochure. Typically when a new customer comes to us they already have a web site but now they're looking for something more.

A site we develop is typically being updated regularly, sometimes every day - and not but us but by the customer using the content management software we install and configure. Because it's updated frequently we will often incorporate an RSS feed.

We don't just test our web sites using the latest version of Internet Explorer: our web sites are compatible with all the leading browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Epiphany and should work on any standards compliant browser.

We are very aware of the obligations imposed of owners of web sites by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and we ensure the sites we develop are compliant.

We are also aware of the other legal issues for owners of web sites in the UK, for example the need for a privacy policy (as we have on our own web site).

We also develop intranets, extranets, and wikis for customers.

If you think we could help you with your web site then get in touch.