New Gazetteer

Written 26/09/17

In our GPS mapping application we've just switched over to a new gazetteer, the directory on places which is used when you use the search box to go to a location by name. Previously we were using the Ordnance Survey's OpenData gazetteer but of course that was restricted to places in Great Britain so you couldn't search for places in Ireland such as Dublin or Belfast.

So now we're using the Nominatim search engine from OpenStreetMap and you will find all searches are done using that the next time you re-load our mapping application in your browser.

Here for example is a search for "Buttermere" (turns out there's another one, in Somerset):

Searching for Buttermere

We've tested this ourselves using all our favourite places for which to search but there may still be things that need tweaking so please let us know if it doesn't find things you expect, or indeed you get matches you wouldn't expect (initially for example we were getting matches on some post boxes!). A screen shot would also help if relevant.

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