RSS or Really Simple Syndication is a way of letting people know when you put news information on your web site. For the sort of sites we design for customers, which often have a news section, this is becoming an increasingly common requirement and it's something we recommend for new web sites. We can also retro-fit it to existing sites.

For example this web site includes an RSS feed which gives you the five most recent news stories posted here. The URL of the feed is:

It's an RSS2.0 feed. If you want to try it then you will need some software which understands RSS feeds - you can't just click on the hyperlink above and expect it to work. If you do you'll probably just see the raw XML.

For people who do use RSS to monitor web sites, and that includes us, it means we can keep up with the news at a lot of web sites without having to visit them every day on the off chance that they've put up some news.

Paul has written a longer article about RSS which you may find useful.

If you want to know more about RSS and how you can use it to help encourage repeat visitors to your site then talk to us.


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