New Release of Mapping

Written 26/05/19

We've just put online a new release of our map tiles. We do new releases regularly, not least to pick up any changes in the data coming from OpenStreetMap and the latest updates from Ordnance Survey's OpenData programme.

This release also includes some significant changes to the way we show mountainous areas. The main changes we've made are to contours and to crags:

You can see all this illustrated below. Here's the area around Scafell Pike at zoom 8 on the last release:

Scafell Pike - zoom 8 - old tiles

And here it is on the new release:

Scafell Pike - zoom 8 - new tiles

We've also being added various antiquities to our Irish tiles so here's an area north of Shercock with the old tiles:

Shercock - old tiles

And the same area on the new release showing both antiquities and also those narrower, sharper, and less jagged contours we mentioned above:

Shercock - new tiles

Other changes we've made include tuning the widths of trunk roads and A roads to make them a little narrower. To illustrate that here's an area south west of Ambleside using the old tiles:

Ambleside - old tiles

And again with the new tiles (note also the clearer contours and crags on Todd Crag and Loughrigg Fell):

Ambleside - new tiles

These tiles are live so if you're using our tile server you will be seeing the updated tiles now.

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