New Release of Mapping

Written 06/08/18

We've just put online a new release of our map tiles. We do new releases regularly, not least to pick up any changes in the data coming from OpenStreetMap and the latest updates from Ordnance Survey's OS VectorMap District.

In addition this release for the first time includes C class, i.e. major yellow, roads at zoom 6.

You can see this illustrated below. Here's the area around Ambleside at zoom 6 on the last release:

Last release: no C class roads at zoom 6

And here it is on the new release:

This release: C class roads at zoom 6

So in this case it means that Wrynose Pass (the yellow road heading west from Ambleside through Little Langdale) is now shown in zoom 6.

We've also added wind farm turbines to zoom 6 which may be useful for navigation.

These tiles are now live so if you're using our server you will be seeing the updated tiles now.

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