Our Map Server

We have our own map server which serves a set of tiles we call "WayMaps" which, unlike OSGB, covers the whole of the British Isles - Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, and the Isle of Man - and are built from a combination of open data from a variety of sources:

The tiles are aimed primarily at walkers and other leisure users so elements like the Cumbria Way are clearly marked by green circles and we use relief shading to make it easier to interpret the contours.

Our map tiles also include extra details not on OS maps. Here for example is the area around Latrigg in the Lake District at the smaller of the two 1:50,000 zoom levels and you can see that the Wainwright summit of Latrigg is marked with triangle in an appropriate colour for the Wainwright book to which it relates.

At the larger of the two 1:50,000 zoom levels, shown below, we show access land, just like the OS. Close to the summit you can also see an OS survey block marked (light blue circle with a dot in the middle) and again these aren't shown on OS maps.

Finally here's our 1:25,000 zoom level which offers extra features like field boundaries (if available, coverage is still variable, but improving).

Drag any of these maps to move around and use your mouse scroll wheel or the "+" and "-" buttons on the maps to zoom in and out.

You can also browse these tiles here or our demonstration site.

We are updating or map tiles frequently, including taking regular snapshots from OpenStreetMaps.

Whether you're using Ordnance Survey's openspace.js, OpenLayers, or Leaflet our tiles are a good alternative to Ordnance Survey's OpenSpace Pro server if you are using too many tiles to stick with their (now deprecated) free OpenSpace server. We're also considerably cheaper.

Please contact us for a quote.