Back Ups

One thing you can be sure of with The Hug is that any work we do for you will be backed up. If you have a web site hosted with us which uses our Opus content management system we back up any changes either you or we make to it immediately after they're made by copying the changes on to our server here.

As a precaution we also back up your entire web site regularly, normally either once a week or daily in some cases onto our server here.

We also back up your web site onto another server hosted elsewhere in the world.

All our servers have RAID arrays so they should be tolerant of disk failures.

Finally we take a weekly backup using a USB hard drive.

The bottom line is that your data is backed up in three separate locations and on different time lines so we can often recover accidentally deleted data.

We operate a similar regime, on a more ad hoc basis, for our other work for customers.

We really don't like losing data.