Improvements to our Mapping App

Written 12/06/17

We've made a couple of improvements to our mapping application recently which will be of interest to you if you use the version at WalkLakes and have registered there.

Route/Track Line Colour and Thickness

Two of our supporters ThinArthur and saraofglencoe both asked if they could have an option to change the width of the line drawn for tracks and routes and we said that was a good idea and we would also add the option to change colour.

We've now done this and here's an example of it in action.

Track width and colour

This is WalkLakes walk Fleetwith Pike via Fleetwith Edge but the track, rather than being 2 pixels wide and purple, is now ten pixels wide and a rather lurid shade of green.

You will note there is a reset button, for which you may be grateful!

Tile Selection

In the past which tiles you were shown depended on which web site you went to, so used the OS OpenSpace server, used our our tile server so served WayMaps tiles. Over on WalkLakes, depending on whether or not you were logged in, you either saw WayMaps everywhere (to zoom level 8, so effectively 1:50,000) or OS tiles for Great Britain and Waymaps tiles for Ireland.

We had a request from our supporter Lancashire Lad to be able to switch between the two when logged in, so we've done that. We've also given logged in users access to zoom level 9 which is effectively our 1:25,000 tiles.

You do this via a new menu option "Tiles" as shown below:

New Tiles option in menu

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